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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dreaming when the moon is full ... and more

Living in the Moment: I've noticed that when the moon is full or waxing to full I sleep hard and dream epic, if not always sensible, adventures. It's not quite lucid dreaming, because it is a degree less vivid and less "present." If I'm going to oversleep, it will be during full moon nights.

Last night I dreamed I saw my daughter's father, who I haven't seen since 1978. I know he's white haired now, but in my dream he still had dark hair. Although I could feel the hug in the dream, it wasn't truly solid, as a body would be. Different. Why did I dream this? I think it was simply because of the moon.

Weird one: I saw a floor that was being repaired ... a plank floor painted gray which had holes in it, carefully cleaned out and ready for patching. Curiously, the area below the floor looked like it was made of plaster. Why would I dream this? It doesn't seem too important, but I could try all kinds of guesses: Things aren't always what they seem, be careful where you step ... but I don't know that it had any real significance.

I can't sort out the rest of the dreams from last night. I didn't write them down and they got colder as the day wore on.

Stuff: I've noticed that we spend half of our lives acquiring stuff, and the other half trying to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get rid of it. Stuff is not my friend.

Art: Wonderful quote I found and I don't know where I found it so I can't attribute it to the person who said it, but ...

The value of your art starts and ends with you.

Now all that is needed is to believe it and trust yourself.


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