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Friday, March 25, 2005

Addicted to books!

I used to have a lot of books, but now I am inundated ... when did I begin to feel I had to have so many? What makes me think I can read or study all of them in my lifetime! Do I need to have them all? Am I really going to use them? Of course, if I could take them with me ....

I envision a wonderful space filled with books on shelves encircling the room. The shelves hold all the books I want to read and those yet to be written that I would want to read. I think some books are written and read on the "inner worlds" before they make their way here to this plane of existence. In my book room there is a large window overlooking an expansive view. Perhaps a meadow that slopes down to the edge of a lake ... fir trees line the opposite shore and hillside and mountains are in the distance. (This is one of many scenes I might find outside my window.) There is a comfortable chair which is kind of odd, since I'd much rather sit at a table in a relatively straight chair to read. Any way, this particular chair is relatively straight and upholstered, the high-back kind with the wings. I might sit in it and read. But, there is also a highly polished library table with a comfortable straight chair in front of it and a wonderful reading lamp sitting on top of it. The single drawer holds pen and paper. (The computer has its own space.)

Well, that was quite fanciful. But, as much as I love books, I need to lighten my load here and now. I think I'll address this entire issue in my Decluttering Project Blog, which is where this situation belongs.


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