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Monday, March 21, 2005

Adding Project Blogs ... It's not over until it's over.

I may have to add two project blogs ... for myself ... to track my progress in a day-to-day way. But, will I use them? I think the vehicle has great possibility. I just might.

How many times have I projected accomplishments by a certain date, outlined my plan of attack, visualized a certain result ... and later found the sheets of paper, still blank and the way-in-the-future goal dates long ago in the past. It's downright disheartening.

During a long ago seminar I remember this call to action: You want to ride a pony but you are afraid (what else but fear stops you in your tracks?). You can think about it, talk about it, read about it, buy the pony, house it, feed it, groom it, saddle it ... but sometimes you just have to get on the pony and ride it ... JUST DO IT! Easier said than done!

My projects aren't magical, but I'm going to make them so ... because I just can't stand it anymore ... I'm filled with self-recriminations ... even self-loathing. This is not healthy and goes against my natural inclination, which is to be joyful.

The bottom line: I'm embarrassed by my appearance (out of shape, way excess weight and middle age), and by my environmental mountain of clutter and congestion ... can't have anyone over because it's just too awful. I can't do anything about the middle age, but I don't have to look like I've given up! It's not over until it's over, so I can do something about these things if I take action.

I did it! I boldly went where I never thought I'd go. I created two project blogs: Decluttering Project (that's what it is) and Shapechanger Project (that's what it is also). Warning: Read at your own risk. It isn't pretty.


  • naturally i had to read the two projects ... i'm excited! really! it is great to be able to watch your progress.

    and i am so totally watching. *smile*

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 AM  

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