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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Am I the Oldest Blogger?

No, I am not. Ya gotta love Google! oldest blogger yielded great results, naturally. I may be older but I'm still a baby blogger and feeling my way.

Check out You can focus on your year, your decade, or any aspect, for that matter. Very interesting. Just discovered it last night and have yet to explore it in any depth. Hey, I'm still checking out the sites from the weblog awards. And you can't be out there always checking someone else's blog ... which could go on and on and on ... and forgetting about your own.

But, I had gotten to wondering if there were many "older" bloggers out there. I knew there had to be, but statistically, I wasn't hitting them ... and feeling a bit "dated." I've been exploring blogs through the "who I read" lists and also the blogs of those who make comments. I want to get a feel for what is out there ... blogs are an art form, besides being a great source of entertainment and sometimes enlightenment.

It seems that most bloggers are 20 to 30 something -- the hormone infused years. There are people in that general age group out their producing excellent blogs. There is the famous dooce of course ... doesn't everyone read dooce? She's probably on more "who I read" lists that any other blogger I've found so far. And there is tequila mockingbird ... a blog of note and very satisfying ... worth checking out. I'm still exploring others because I want variety in my reading diet. So, I began to wonder where the others are ... the ones who are checkmarking their things-to-do-before-I-die list ... I was looking for additional scope ... and I found the ageless site I mentioned.

Would these "older bloggers" be different? Now that I've found some, I'll be checking them out. Will they be so much different than their younger counterparts? Somehow I doubt it.


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