more pearls than whine

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Could I be with my thoughts for a week?

I've been thinking about this ... All kinds of creative ideas pop into my head while I'm walking my dog. I'm not reading a book ... or listening to one. I'm not watching TV or a movie. I am not listening to anyone else talking about anything.

I'm just with my thoughts ... in the day ... outside in the world ... in the moment. I'm not filling my head with other people's ideas.

I was wondering ... could I give up my books, my computer, my TV, for a week ... without being in solitary confinement where I had no choice?

That is a very tough question. If I did this, would I really give some serious thought to different things, or would I decide I needed to entertain myself ... Would I invent stories in my head?

I could give up the TV pretty easily, I think. And the hard copies of books ... for a week, sure ... well, maybe. It would be much harder to stop listening to my unabridged audio books ... small panicky feeling. And, the computer, maybe, because it is my outreach right now to the world ... through email and the blogs. The blogs are closer to solitary confinement in that I am with my thoughts ... and my invisible audience.

Gee, if I did this, would I allow myself to write things down, or would I let things swirl around in my head?

I might try this. It bears thinking about. It sounds like an opportunity for the creative juices to flow.

Or, if I gave up these things, I could clean instead. Nah.

I'll have to think about this while I'm walking my dog.