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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Doesn't everyone?

Weird Things I Think About Sometimes

It is amazing how often I am still surprised by the simplest things. I think I'm open and without expectations -- ya know, live and let live? -- but it turns out that I am just as ego centered as the next person and think that if I like something ... well, doesn't everyone?

When I say the simplest things, the first thing that comes to mind is food.

If someone says, "Eeeuuu ... onions," with the curling lip and the disgusted voice, I'm downright shocked. (Gee, there must be something wrong with a person who doesn't like _____, I think.) It's one thing if certain foods don't agree with your body, but it's quite another if it's simply a matter of actively not liking it. I mean, doesn't everyone like onions, garlic, cheese, salad, lemons, oranges, etc?
No, they don't. I know people have preferences and everyone doesn't like the same things I do, but it is still hard to fathom. On some level I think it can't be true. These things taste so good to me! Eeeuuu to chocolate? Imagine that!

Eeeuu to grubs? Well .... Eeeuuu would probably be my first reaction. But I guess I might try one ... if it was toasted (they're supposed to be good that way -- I sometimes watch the National Geographic channel) ... and therefore not wiggling ... and if I was really, really, really hungry.

But, I am absolutely certain that the person who grows up eating grubs ... and considers them a real treat as well as an excellent protein ... would be astonished to find that everyone doesn't eat and like grubs ... I know that person would think, "Doesn't everyone?"


  • sometimes i weird myself out when i stop and think about what i'm thinking about. i play a lot of mind games with myself, like for example, the super-productivity game: in any given situation, say waiting tables, i will try and calculate the most amount of things i can accomplish while making one linear motion.

    pick up dirty plates, grab empty coffee, drop off plates in kitchen, refill empty coffee, go out to floor and grab sugar caddy on the way to get cup of freshly-brewed coffee, pour coffee, take to customer with sugar caddy! see, all one smooth motion with no back tracking.

    everyone does that, right?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:05 AM  

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