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Sunday, March 06, 2005

I looked up and sucked in my breath ...

Words fail me ...

A few times in my life I've experienced a sight of such beauty that it has brought me tears. It touches some part of me ... and it's too grand to be expressed ... words could never capture the feeling. And I don't believe a photograph would, either. The quality of the air would be missing, for one. And it's a multi-dimensional experience ... I think it can only be hinted at.

This morning I was walking my dog along the lake road. It was overcast and the sun was trying to burn through the gray. I looked up and sucked in my breath. I was stunned ... overcome by the scene before me. The sun cast a soft path of gold on the textured, frozen lake, much like the moon would do. Snow showed through the bare trees on the bluff on the other side, the houses along the shore looking tiny and somehow perfect. The colors were so soft and subtle ... and rich at the same time. The scene brought me to tears. It was exquisite.

When I lived in Southern California I experienced a significant moment of sheer beauty. I was driving up through Cajon Pass from San Bernadino in early evening and I saw a sunset so unearthly ... heavenly even, that I had to pull off the road. It was all pinks and purples with bits of blue and rays of golden light were streaming down everywhere. I remember hitting the steering wheel and saying, "I die, I die." My heart was bursting with joy in that moment and my eyes were full of tears. It was so beautiful it almost hurt. I wanted to capture it on film, but I Knew it would not have been possible. Instead, I can still see it, but it is the memory of the moment ... and so not quite the same.

I had another awe inspiring moment when I lived in New York City years ago. I was walking along the street one sunny, clear, bright blue sky day and looked up just as a small flock of white birds swooped up together, the sunlight catching them just so. It was an exquisite moment. I tried to write a poem about it (don't know where it is right now) and I only remember the last line ... 'the concrete soft beneath my feet.' I felt lighter than air in that moment.

I believe these rare moments are spiritual gifts.


  • i love those moments. *sigh*


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