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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Some early morning thoughts ... How do I appear as Soul?

I was walking my dog this morning along the lake road ... I seem to get a lot of ideas while walking my dog ... and I got really expansive... or something ... this morning, wondering about what we look like in our true essence ... what we look like as Soul.

So the thoughts that ran through my head were ... What do I look like spiritually? What is my true name? Because I'm in a human body, and have a human mind ... I would probably translate my spiritual appearance in a human way. This way I would also recognize other Souls in the spiritual worlds, wouldn't I? Hmmmm. Since everything is "energy," I imagine that I would automatically translate the essence into the form I attached to it. I have my own unique identity, just as a snowflake does ... which means I'm recognizable as ME. And I would recognize other snowflakes ... umm ... Souls.

I was also thinking ... if I've lived 10,000 lifetimes, how am I recognized by other Souls I knew during those lifetimes? Maybe each soul would translate my essence into an image of who I was in the physical realm when they knew me. It boggles the mind.

But I really think that as we travel in the inner spiritual worlds we project our best possible ... in a spiritual sense ... appearance ... and it resonates to all that we are. In the same way, we had as many different names as we had bodies ... and our true name is the one that resonates to all that we are at our center. Anyway, it sounds good.

We cross paths with Souls we've spent time with before in other lifetimes. Because of karmic ties, I think this accounts for instant affinity with another person ... "I feel like I've known you before... or ... forever" ... and it also accounts for instant dislike that has no apparent reason.

If you're in a family, you can bet that you have karma to work out with them. It is said that we learn the most in times of difficulty and with people who aggravate us the most. I guess I can believe that one! I can also believe that things get carried over from lifetime to lifetime ... and that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better.

I've often felt that I was tying up a lot of little loose ends in this lifetime. But I think there are still some unresolved situations and issues. Sigh.

My human self would like to know my true name. Let me rephrase that. I believe I know my true name on some level, but it is not in my conscious mind ... yet. Is it important? I don't know. It might just be an idea that comes under the category ... interesting tidbit, but don't let it interfere with your fully living right now. That is more important than what was or what might yet be.


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